register of sellers and buyers

A full list of Buyers and Sellers (including the number of shares and desired trading price) is provided below.

To  Register Your Interest in buying or selling Scantech shares on the Low Volume Market.

Shares for sale

Seller Number of Shares Price
16 11,100 $1.20

Offers to purchase

Buyer Number of Shares Price
2 10,000 $0.60
7 50,000 $0.81
8 10,000 $0.65
10 100,000 $0.80

Please note that the identity or interested buyers and sellers will only be disclosed to persons who register an interest.

Note: Some of the Sellers and Buyers displayed in this table may have already agreed or transacted with a corresponding Buyer or Seller. Once the transfer is complete, the Register will be updated to reflect this.

If you have any queries, please contact Scantech Chief Executive Officer.

Valerie Steer
Chief Financial Officer/Company Secretary

Direct: +61 8 8375 1914
Mobile:  0408 343 781
Tel: +61 8 8350 0200
Fax: +61 8 8350 0188
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